Week 5 Discussion Discussion

For this week’s forum, make an original post addressing at least two of the following reflection prompts by  Your original post must be at least 100 words long.    reading for this week is attached,  I attached a sample post too.

1. Observation of self and/or others – Throughout the time this course is scheduled you will catch yourself or another person doing something that exemplifies or directly relates to ideas you are reading about or we are discussing in class. Make note of these as they occur so you can describe the experience and discuss how it relates to the topic for that week.

2. Quote contemplation – As you read the assigned texts particular passages will capture your attention as especially interesting or personally meaningful. Make note of these, writing down the passage verbatim and providing a clear reference as to where it may be found (author, text, and page #s). Then describe the significance of the passage (e.g., what is notable about it? why did it capture your attention? what situation at work or home exemplifies the author s point?).

3. Thoughts on readings and responses to reflection questions – Record your other thoughts/reactions/ questions as you work your way through the readings. You may decide to focus on a case study or exercise, something from this week’s class meeting, or other personal integration of course concepts.

4. Personal discoveries – Record your other thoughts/reactions/questions as you work through the readings and assignments. What case study, reading, class meeting discussion, or personal integration of course concepts most surprised you? Why? How were you challenged to see things differently? What was your belief/perspective before the discovery? What is your belief/perspective after the discovery? What change(s) will you make because of this discovery?


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