Experience History: Interpreting America’s Past 

1. What was the impact of the incredible growth of cities during the industrial period?

2. Discuss the impact of the rise of political bosses during the Gilded Age.

3. How did social class and ethnicity reflect the lives of people in the cities?

4. What was the impact of the establishment of organizations like Settlement Houses and the Salvation Army.

5. What was the cultural impact of city life on the rest of the country?

1. What factors led to the political paralysis in the late nineteenth century?

2. How did the Farmer’s Alliance and the People’s Party attempt to resolve the problems faced by farmers?

3. How did the 1896 election resolve the politics of stalemate of the late nineteenth century?

4. What social, economic, and cultural factors drew the United States into a race for empire?

5. Why did imperialists launch their quest for empire, and why did the anti-imperialists oppose them?


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