Then and NowAssignment on Thanksgiving

In this paper, (2-3 pages) you will consider the present-day relevance of history.  You will be comparing your text with a current event(s) or current news regarding an appropriate topic of your choice.  You can be somewhat creative with your topic choice as long as it relates to some element of the text covered in this class. News articles can lead you to excellent topics.  Include the link(s) of the article(s) and sources in your paper, as you must cite any information used.  Your paper must be written in your own words.  You must use at least ONEscholarly source, such as a book or journal article from a respected author.  Topics to consider include women’s issues, civil rights, immigration issues, refugee issues, Native American issues, politics, and many other subjects.  This assignment counts for 150 points.  This assignment will be used to determine your Work Ethics score.  An excellent website to access is the Smithsonian’s at  Utilize the Google News search feature as well.

Wikipedia is not an acceptable source!

Your essay should include an introductory paragraph, a body with several paragraphs containing specific examples AND analysisto justify your points, and a solid conclusion to summarize your findings.  Sources MUST be cited in MLA, APA, or Chicago format.  Your paper should not be a compilation of various quotes.  This paper should have two quotations maximum. Everything must be cited; failure to do so results in plagiarism.  Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

Be sure to perform a spelling and grammar checkprior to submission.

Format of paper: Times New Roman font(size 12), double-spaced, and a cover page including your name, the date, the course name, professor’s name, and the title of the assignment.


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