Criminal Law Research Paper Thesis



A few of the reasons as to why mental illness and crime is a good topic to research for this criminal justice research paper include the fact that many people still believe that any person who commits a crime is mentally ill and also the fact that many people believe that offences committed by mentally ill people should not be judged as crime. It is illogical to think that mentally ill never commit crimes. People should avoid assuming that everybody that commits a crime is mentally ill because these people never repeat the crime once they have finished serving their prison life.



Criminal Law Research Paper Outline




a) Reasons for choice of topic


b) Thesis statement


Literature Review












The Research Paper must:

Be 5 pages in length (not including the Title page and the References page).
Use Times New Roman in 12 pt. font, be double spaced, and have 1 inch margins.
Use current APA formatting including page numbers with running heads in the upper right hand corner; a cover page with the title of the research paper, student name, course name, and instructor name; an abstract, a References Page with citations in current APA format.
Utilize academic writing (i.e. neutral gender, no personal pronouns (I, we, our), no rhetorical questions, etc).
Cite any idea that is not your own (In a good research paper there should be many citations, and remember the in text citations must be in current APA format).
Use at a minimum of 10 scholarly sources including journals from the field (online or hardcopy) and books (the ILRC-Integrated Learning Resource Center- has numerous sources available). Bible verses, case law, and statutes will not count as part of the 10 sources.
Be submitted via the SafeAssign link for a plagiarism check. The file you submit should be named in the following manner: lastname first initial_submission type (like rp1 for research proposal. For example: smithj_rp.doc (this would be J. Smith’s research paper).
Be written specifically for CJUS 400.


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