Prevention of Residential Burglary


You are an officer assigned to the burglary unit.

Your chain of command has requested that you speak to a home owners association (HOA) in reference to 20 burglaries that have occurred in a particular neighborhood during the past six months. There is no neighborhood watch program in place, and the community has a population that consists of all age demographics, from families with small children to elderly retirees. The burglaries have no specific method of entry, but 17 of the 20 burglaries have occurred during the day. Two daytime burglaries have occurred while elderly people were home and asleep. The only description available for these burglaries was that there was possibly more than one suspect. Your topic will be prevention of residential burglary.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that is a minimum of 12 slides. You will need to include prevention strategies and safety tips for residents that are at home as well as for those traveling and leaving their home on vacations or for the holidays. BCJ 3701, Criminal Investigation 4 You will also need to provide safety and prevention strategies for the elderly residents of the community if you feel it is necessary. You can include graphics and photos, but limit the amount since your main point is the content. You are required to submit a full speech detailing your presentation in standard paragraph format in the notes section of your PowerPoint slides. You are also required to provide a reference slide at the end of your presentation.

You are required to have a minimum of three resources for this project. You may use your textbook as a resource. If you utilize a department or agency program, you are required to list it in the reference slide. You are also required to use an equal distribution of your resources for this assignment. APA style is to be applied in this project as well.


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