discussion post

Marsha – Good start to your discussion post. As a reminder the new product should be something that you create for you own personal company.  Energy drinks are very popular and if you are bringing a new one to the product, you should be creating a niche for your organization.  Also, all parts of discussion prompts should be answered in one post, you still have time to receive full credit by completing discussion post prompt as noted below:

  1. Understanding the customer profile is essential to the overall marketing plan. The customer profiles also help with selecting the correct media for the target markets. Visit Experian’s Consumer Profiles   http://www.experian.com/marketing-services/customer-profiling.html and complete the following:
  2. Provide an overview of your product
  3. Choose three possible profiles for your product’s target market/audience. Explain the profiles.

·   How can this type of information on consumers be used by the marketing manager in its marketing communications & strategy?

·   Assess the market being targeted. What group(s) of consumers would most likely be drawn to the product? What are some ethical and legal implications? Explain why you are targeting these segments and three possible channels you would use to place your product for distribution to this target market.

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