Policy Report

Present a 3-5 page report on a current public policy problem that has dominated conversation in Washington DC. The choice of the public policy problem is up to you, and examples include issues involving the environment, foreign policy, civil rights, or transportation.  You may organize your report as you see fit, however, the report should, at a minimum, cover the following points:  the background of the policy concern (the parties and the points at issue), the different actors involved in formulating policy to address this issue, the current status of the issue and how it is currently being handled by the federal government, and analysis of how you think the policy process will evolve in addressing the public policy problem.  The report should be prepared using APA style.  All sources must be cited.

You are welcome to use whatever sources you feel to be appropriate. Some websites that may help with your paper include:

The Washington D.C.-based The Washington Post (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. covers Capitol Hill and the White House extensively, and along with The New York Times provides the best political reporting in the United States.


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