Betrayal of History

Discuss your readings from Assignment #1 (Betrayal of History), What were they about? What do you think interesting and odd about the issues covered in these readings? Have you learned anything new thus for about history, history classes, history textbook, or the teaching of history?

To help you understand just how much is left out of the histories we are taught, let me ask you to think about the following question:

Based upon what you have been taught about Native Americans, if you were to give me a population estimate of the number of Natives in the Americas (north and south) at the time of Columbus’ landing in 1942, what kind of population would you guess was here? How many people? Again only based on what you have been taught or the impressions given to you by your teachers, not what you may have researched on your own.

To go a little further, still basing this upon what you have been taught how would you describe these native peoples? What adjectives would you use?

1. Please post an initial response to these questions of at least 150 words

2. Reply (2 or 3 sentences) to at least 3 other students initial posting.


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