Final Project (MBA)

The project is about Lincoln Financial Group (Lincoln National Company). For this project i need to create a new product or service for the company or enhance an existing one. The project has to be focused on that.

APA Format 

Requirements (Steps)

Project Proposal and Organizational Structure (2 to 3 pages and 5 references)

1 The Organozation Structure

2. The management Chart showing levels and responsibility (Executives).

3. Descripstion of and number of employees, headcount in the organizations.

4. Analysis of how the business operates and produces its services.

5. Discussion on concepts such as leadership, management, and role theories.

6. Discussion on organic or mechanic management organization.

7. Perform a SWOT analysis of the organization.

Project Management Plan (2000 words with 3 to five references)

Details a plan of action to delegate responsibilities in each fase of the project management life cycle.

Market and competitor Analysis (2000 words and 3 references)


(a)  Target market

(b)  Demographics and socio-economic characteristics of the consumers

(c)  Competitors in the market

(d)  Competitive advantage

(e)  Advantages and disadvantages over competitors

(f)   Perform a marketing mix assessment

(g)  Discuss positioning strategies

Trend Analysis (Financial Statements) – 3500 words and 7 references

1. Ratio Analysis

2. Forecasting for the last 10 years of the company

3. Break even analysis.

4. Financial Ratios.

Technology Plan 


Please, include a technology plan for your organization and how this technology will contribute to the development, operations, marketing, distributions, and communication of your business endeavor.

The plan should include (but not limited to): information systems, information security management, electronic databases, customer relationship management resources, internet, intranet, global networks, mobile devices, smart machines, and social media.

Legal Strategies and Planning


Please, prepare a 2,000-word deliverable that includes legal strategies and planning for your business plan. Include the ethical culture within the organizations and ways to ensure members adhere to the ethical culture as well as acclimate new members to the organization’s ethical culture.

Also you should be sure to mention how the company’s expansion or new product/service change its corporate environment.  How does this impact employees?  Any legal ramifications?  How does it affect the company’s operations in other countries?


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