Research In Music 1980s

this research is your chance to choose any topic that from 1980s , 7 pages minimum, using appropriate APA

or MLA citation style for all references.  Please use library, VALID internet, and audio sources.

Include a Works Cited page. You must use at least

five sources

(audio and video are fine as well as written text). No title page.

Here are some possible choices

-Contrast and compare two songs (or albums), one an early creation and another a late creation by an artist from the 1980s that seem to deal with similar themes.  How has their music and lyrical concerns/artistry changed through the decade?  What contemporary influences seemed to shape these creations (in the personal life of the artist and their historical context)? Use published critiques of the time, as well as contemporary critiques, to support your interpretations/arguments.


-Choose an historical event, social movement, or issue/topic of concern during the decade of the Eighties.  Summarize what you’ve found about this in relevant books, magazines, newspapers, videos, including those of the time.  How is this reflected in the work of musical artists during said event/movement/topic?


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