A short report on a major current event in your country Russia. There have been some recent on-going themes in European/Western news:

1) The rise of populist, right-wing political candidates

2) How to deal with the rising surge of refugees and immigrant populations

3) Desirability of membership in the EU

You may want to examine of these as it relates to your country, or you may select another major event going on in your country. For a different major current event, you should get email approval from me before writing your report. The event/theme that you write about should be happening within the last 6 months (from start of class). You may certainly delve deeper into the past than that to better understand your topic.

This part of the project will include a typed bibliography of your sources and a written (typed) report of what you discover. The bibliography and report must be submitted in hard copy!


At minimum, you will have 5 sources dated within the last 6 months (from the state of class). You can absolutely have more sources! A news source would include the following: video news reports, articles written on a news website (BBC for example), and articles written for a newspaper/newsmagazine. If it is not one of these things and you think it is important, contact me!

Your bibliography should be a standard Chicago-style bibliography; no annotations are necessary.

Written Report:

This report can be as long as needed to address the issues, but try to keep it less than 3 pages! It should be double-spaced, have standard 1-inch margins, and typed in a standard font (Times New Roman 12). Include a brief header on the left-hand side of the page with your name, date, and your country. Do NOT double-space the header.

What to include? Explain the current event you are writing about. Make sure to include the 5 W’s of your topic (who, what, when, where, and why it’s important).

Step 5: Current Events Presentation

Please see the presentation rubric for more information! Your presentation should be approximately 5 minutes long. The topic for your presentation should be the topic of your written report. This should be viewed as an informational speech to educate your classmates on this topic. Be prepared to answer follow up questions from your classmates or teacher. Again you should have a PowerPoint Presentation.

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