Research Paper  / My topic for this paper is SINGLE PARENTS

This assignment addresses the following NAEYC Standards:

  • Knowing and understanding the multiple influ­ences on development and learning.  [NAEYC Standard 1b]
  • Using developmental knowledge to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environments [NAEYC Standard 1c]
  • Engaging in continuous, collaborative learning to inform practice [NAEYC Standard 6c]
  • Written and verbal skills [NAEYC Supportive Skill 3]
  • Making connections between prior knowledgeable/experience and new learning [NAEYC Supportive Skill 4]
  • Identifying and using professional resources [NAEYC Supportive Skill 5]

Course Competency: 2, 11

For this assignment, my topic for this paper is single parents, based upon a specific topic or issue of child development.  Examples:  the effect of group care on young children, the impact of violence on young children, multiple intelligences, etc.

Written Component:   125 points

You will write a paper that is a minimum of 3 pages [less than 3 pages will not be graded] in length, double spaced and includes the following:

  • Title page – with Topic title, your name, course name, date, instructor’s name
  • An interesting and thoughtful introduction.  Your introduction should give a brief overview of your topic and why this topic is important to the field of child development
  • Research information from a minimum of 2 Internet articles and a minimum of 2 professional journal or magazine or book articles.   [The research information should be accurate and current]

ü  Include your synthesis and analysis of the research (do not simply restate from sources)

ü  Identify how the topic can impact each of the domains of development:  physical development, cognitive development and social/emotional development.

  • An interesting and thoughtful conclusion.  Your conclusion should summarize at least two to three points explaining what you learned. State your personal views of the research, and explain how you will use this information to best support a child facing issues related to this topic.
  • A reference page at the end of your paper – where you will professionally cite the articles and Internet resources using APA format.

NOTE:  Title page & Reference page are not included in the 3 page total

You will present highlights of your research information to the class in the assigned discussion forum. 


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