Management Philosophy

1) Describe your view of management and managers. This is not how you would be as a manager, but your view of management and managers you have known – you are sharing your acquired perspective on this topic.

2) Describe your character – what kind of person are you? Importantly, you should be careful to offer as objective an assessment of your character as possible noting the basis of your assessment. This is not about how you feel or want to be, but who you are – be truthful and ruthless in your assessment of yourself.

3) Describe your strengths and weakness. This is closely associated with your character but is decidedly different. Your character is represented by the qualities and features that distinguish who you are, your strengths and weaknesses are how your character manifests itself publically. Try to be precise as possible!

4) What is your world-view? Myriad definitions have been offered, but a world-view is a set of assumptions we hold about the world (Sire, 1988). It is how an individual interprets and explains the world, and how the individual draws conclusions and takes action based on their constructed understanding (Phillips & Brown, 1984). Our world-view is the model that guides how we will act in the world. It should not be difficult to see the value of understanding why you are the way you are.

5) Describe what kind of employee you would be and fully explain and support the basis of your conclusions. You are making an assumption here and I am asking you to prove it! If you cannot prove it you cannot claim it! Because you say so IS NOT proof.

6) What kind of manager will you be? Look into your future and make a judgment about the type of manager you will be making sure to fully justify those judgments. You should try to be as reasonable as possible – be specific. Don’t take a wild flight of fancy!


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