Problem solving short report

You work at a digital advertising agency with a focus on developing sponsored social media ads for clients.   As your organization has grown to 100 people, the management team is considering allowing dogs in the workplace on Fridays.  Many of your competing firms allow this, and you feel it might assist in recruitment efforts of new employees.  In addition, it could result in stress reduction and camaraderie in the workplace. Your manager asked you to do some research and make a recommendation, based on your research, on whether the agency should allow dogs in the workplace on Fridays.

Provide a 6-10 page PowerPoint slide presentation, with research, adressing the following:

1. Problem statement

2. Research (at least 3 sources) on company policies/benefits of allowing dogs in the workplace.  Please include URL’s at the bottom of the slide where you present the research.

3. Possible challenges or issues. (Note: 1 of your sources may address challenges; include the url at the bottom of the slide).

4. Recommendations/Policy/Guidelines (Note: your recommendations, guidelines, and policies would address/mitigate all issues you’ve identified).

5. Audio portion of the presentation.   You have a choice between the following:

a) providing audio in the PowerPoint or uploading a corresponding audio/video file along with the PowerPoint file.

b) writing exactly what you would “say” in the notes section of PowerPoint slides as if you were actually presenting this PowerPoint to your Management Team.    Do NOT write exactly what you would say in the PowerPoint slides themselves; instead use the notes section within the PowerPoint software.

Remember, your research should support your recommendations.


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