Data Gathering and Data Analysis Assignment


When you design interfaces, you should gather data to help you with development. Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 of your textbook provide the steps to help you do this. For your interactive learning module, you will need to think about the kind of data you will need to gather for your project, but first you need to address the five key issues that need attention as well as conduct an analysis of the data.

In this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation with the elements below.

1. Include a title slide with the name of your project.

2. Setting goals: Define the goals of your interactive learning module, the data to be gathered (quantitative or qualitative),

and the technique or techniques you will use to gather the data.

3. Identifying participants: Define who will be your participants from whom you will gather data.

4. Relationship with participants: Define the relationship between you and your participants.

5. Triangulation: Explain how you will validate the data you have gathered.

6. Pilot studies: Explain how you will test your interactive learning module.

7. Discuss how you will use the results from the pilot study to conduct your data analysis, identify the type of analysis

(quantitative or qualitative), and identify the framework you will use.

8. Discuss how you will present your findings.

Complete this assignment in Microsoft PowerPoint, and meet the following criteria:

Use speaker notes to briefly discuss your bullet points.

Use a PowerPoint theme and additional visuals such as clip art.

Create a PowerPoint of at least eight slides in length (minus title and references slides).

Include a references slide for any sources used.


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