Topic Paper

You will locate a non-scholarly periodical (magazine or newspaper) article that relates to a topic found in Chapters 1 and 2 of the book (Hill, Charles W. L. (2018), Global Business Today, 10th edition, McGraw Hill, New York, NY 10020). The choice of the topic is left up to your discretion.

NOTE: The article(s) used for the current topic papers cannot be more than one year old. Further, please label each of the paper sections in the following manner: Recap; Discussion; Reflection; Additional articles. 

Prepare a presentation of the article that covers four objectives: 

1. Briefly recap the main points of the article (This section should be limited to a short paragraph) 

2. Discuss how the article relates to a specific topic from the assigned reading. Please make sure that relevant materials from the textbook are integrated into the discussion of the article.

3. Reflect and discuss your viewpoint on the impact of the actions being described within the article. This section should answer the question: What is the value/significance of the content of the article to business and society. 

4. Locate other examples, preferably from other articles, which will help to clarify your points and further illustrate the concept. Please include links to the article at the end of the paper. 


There is a sample paper provided for you. Please make paper like the sample paper


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