Discussion Question

Select, research, and answer ONE of the following questions for this week’s discussion forum. Do provide complete references in the APA format for all of your sources. quality answers for each question is expected to have a length of approximately 250 words or more.
0. What are some best practices for employee development? What can managers and organizations do to effectively develop their employees and to keep them highly motivated in the affairs of the firm.
0. Have you ever had a mentor? Was it a formal or informal situation? Tell us about it? If you have never had a mentor, what benefit do you think it could be to you to have one?
0. Voluntary withdrawal is a concern in most organizations. What makes people unhappy enough to leave their job? How can managers see this coming and work to keep the productive employee?
0. What is your experience with employee terminations? Discuss your experience form the perspective of a manager and that of an employee. What can the manager do to make the termination of an employee less painful for the other employees in the department?
0. What is one example of an egregious workplace violence that you have observed or heard of in the modern organization? How can such forms of violence be prevented?
0. Have you ever had or observed a dysfunctional manager? Why was he or she dysfunctional and how did it impact the department, organization, career development of employees, and overall employee retention?
0. Discuss a valuable topic, concept or theory that you reflected upon in the week’s assigned readings that is not mentioned above. Tell us the interesting topic from the assigned reading, what is it all about, what is the valuable element or learning point, and/or how we can make good use of it.


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