Week 2 Lessons

 How well do your know yourself? Are there areas that you think you are great in while others might need some improvement?  Please go the Week 2 Lessons or use the links below for the test and video and complete following questions. Personality Test

After taking the test answer the following questions:

1. Did the results surprise you?

2. What areas were you strongest in and weakest in?

3. After viewing the results are you going to work on any of the areas? How?

Video on Listening

1. After watching the video on listening answer the following questions: Considering that communication is a way to convince others to see your point of view, are there any skills that you use to make sure your message is heard? 2. Would you consider yourself to be an open or closed listener? Do you look forward to hearing what people say or do you try to shut them down?

Make sure your answers utilize applicable course material, concepts, and terminology.

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