Human Relation

A lot of our information is gleaned from facial expressions. Our first impressions are often formed based on facial expressions. This should be an interesting Forum.

1. Select a photo of two people interacting (can be from the Internet or your own collection) and upload it to the Forum. You must upload the photo to get credit for this assignment. Here is a link for photo upload directions and it is in our resources folder.  Answer the following questions:

a. Describe the person’s facial expressions. Do they match up with any of the descriptions of the emotions listed in Chapter 5 of your text? Did the other person in the picture have a similar expression?
b. Why are non-verbal communications so important to a manager?
c. How do cultural differences affect non-verbal communication?
2. You are organizing a class (at APUS) that will be going to the jungles of Costa Rica for seven days. You are looking to hire a local guide to lead your group around as you collect your research data (you are collecting information on various trees in the tropical rain forest). There are numerous options, so you decide to call the top few and interview them over the phone. Before doing this, you remember taking MGMT 100 at APUS and covering information-getting interviews. You remember that you should develop a list of questions to gain the information you require.

a. Develop at least four questions to ask each guide.

b. Post each question in your Forum for the week.

c. What information do you hope to gain from each question? Will four questions be enough for you to make a decision on which guide to select? Why or why not?


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