Admissions Essay

Jacksonville University undergraduate applicants are required to write an essay as part of the admissions process. Essays are used to demonstrate creativity and the ability to organize and express your thoughts. Prompt: Choosing a college can be a difficult decision. We believe we may be the right fit. Please describe why you would like to attend JU. Feel free to discuss any of the following in your response which must be at least 250 words:

  • Tell us about a major world event and how it affected you.
  • Describe how you have made a difference in your school, group, or organization.
  • Reflect on a problem you have resolved or a problem you would like to solve.
  • Describe your background, identity, interest, or a talent that is meaningful to you and your college career.
  • Describe an accomplishment or achievement that reflects your coming of age.
  • Reflect on any obstacle, hardship, or failure that lead to a subsequent success.
  • If you could describe yourself with one word, what would that word be and why?

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