aspects of history

 Over several aspects of history:

  • Quest for freedom
  • Quest for equality
  • Civil Rights and legal issues
  • Social and cultural
  • Political

You are asked to consider how the events and people of the past impact and relate to the 21st century.

For your paper, you will complete the following:

  1. Select a topic discussed during the term that you found/find interesting or at least you are willing to research and contemplate.
  2. Think about your topic in relation to what David Walker spoke of in The Appeal. Though he may not have specifically mentioned a topic, such as sports, there are definite things he said that could relate directly to that issue in the 21st century.
  3. Reflect on the history you’ve explored relevant to your topic. This could be from the textbook, the online lessons and/or the activities you completed.
  4. Consider the current condition, issues and challenges related to your topic.
  5. Pull together all these elements in to a well thought out essay supported with evidence from the readings and/or additional research. This paper must be at least 3 pages in length but not exceed 5 pages; it must be no greater than 12 point font with 1 inch margins. In-text citations required.  All paraphrased and direct quotations are to be documented and your paper must demonstrate quality collegiate writing (grammar, punctuation, documentation, etc.)



Appreal 1 :

Appreal 2:


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