Use evidence to support claims, and write clearly and effectively to convey your ideas. As you write, please be sure to refer to specific evidence from the artifact   as well as outside sources (published or your own experience). The essays fall within the 2-3 page range. Please cite your sources and include a reference list, as applicable.

Step One:

Written Chapter: The School and Social Progress, in Education and Society, by John Dewey. In this article, theorist and educational researcher John Dewey discusses the role of the school in larger society. Available at

Step Two:

Respond in writing to the following: What evidence can you identify within the the reading that you selected that connects with your current understanding of educational research, theory or experience? Select one of these three response options. IMPORTANT: Indicate on the first page of your paper the prompt, below, you are responding to:

1- If you respond based on educational research, please cite the research to which you refer.

2- If you respond based on theory, please cite specific theoretical readings.

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