Security & Online Businesses

Students will select an article from their independent readings, which must be recent. The article must be scholarly and relate to selling on the web. It must help in answering the following questions and include an INTRODUCTION and well written CONCLUSION.

•Security issues facing online business(E.g. credit card fraud, privacy, malware).

•What risks or issues do companies face when selling directly to the customer instead of using a third-party?

Do not copy any portion of the article; discuss the article in your own terms, paraphrasing instead of quoting directly. The summary must relate the significance of the article to the questions.

Even though the word “summary” is part of this assignment, it is really much more than that. Yes, you should summarize your chosen article succinctly. However, you need to expand far beyond that by synthesizing the article through incorporating your own insight and including illustrative examples, ideally ones that relate to your own professional experiences.

Minimum 900 words, at least 2 APA scholarly sources(One must be the article you are summarizing)


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