Deliverable 6 – Consumer Expectations Online


Apply principles of organizational learning, innovation, and change in healthcare organizations.


When considering search engine optimization, organizations tend to consider their content on the web. Content does make a difference but, as you have learned in this class, it is essential to have content that is linked to other sites. Equally important is that it establishes the organization as a trusted source for information. Basically, quality is more important than quantity when developing this relationship with a target audience.

The company has been considering the list post you suggested and now you are considering developing a blog. Ideally, this blog will provide additional links and traffic to the site. Not to mention it should create a loyal group of people interested in the company.


For this assignment, you will consider the impact of content from a target audience perspective. In a 7 – 10 slide presentation, written with professional language and using proper spelling/grammar, include the following:

  1. A cover slide with the name of the company in the title and purpose of the presentation as a subtitle.
  2. An introduction slide listing the topics of the presentation. (one slide)
  3. For the organization you have been working with, describe a possible blog focus for company. Detail at least 3 possible topics to create content for the blog. If the organization already maintains a blog, then review what they have been selecting to blog about and offer at least 2 suggested topics to add to the blog. (One to two slides)
  4. Identify two (2) competitor blogs with a brief description of their services; provide links to their blog pages. (one slide)
  5. Analyze the two competitors (2) blogs over the past 12 months. (One to two slides)
    1. Consider how potential target markets would respond to these blogs.
    2. Note what you like about the content on the competitor blogs and why.
  6. Develop a recommendation that you would suggest to the VP of Marketing at the organization you chose. Explain what you would create or change in order to improve the quality of their information relative to their competitors. (One to two slides)
  7. A Summary slide (one slide)
  8. A Reference slide (if needed) in APA format. (One to two slides)
  9. Thorough speaking notes for each slide.

Your presentation should be 7-10 slides in length (not including the cover slide), written with professional language, and use proper spelling/grammar.


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