1. refer to the image for the requirement
  2. Word count 1200 words plus minus 10 % word count can be more cannot be less
  3. Topic: Unemployment problem in one Eurozone countries
    1. Country Greece
  4. Skip page 1 point 2 about search for one article as the topic is already given
  5. Skip page 2 bullet point number 2
  6. Follow all the guidelines please do according to what is needed in the guideline for Page 2 bullet point number 3 please see carefully there is 4 parts make sure to answer all.
  7. Minimum of 10 references(Can be more but cannot be less)
  8. One of the references must be from
  9. Talk about the economy in the country before going into the unemployment rate
  10. Table of GDP can be obtained from trading economics website
    1. Range from 2008 till today
  11. What government do to solve the problem
  12. Answer all the bullet points on the guide
  13. The header for each section is a must
  14. Subheader if there is input as well
  15. Referencing in APA format
  16. Having Clear referencing and clear in-text citation
  17. Please take note of the Language

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