Assignment: Analyze Sales Call Communication Issues

Assignment Details

This Assignment assesses the following course outcome:

GEL-4.06: Critically analyze the dynamics of human relationships.


For every different sales call, the seller is responsible to provide information to help a buyer’s success within their own work situation. Working together means providing information and knowledge beyond the specs of a product and may include the buyers own customer base. The more a salesperson can help the buyer be successful, the more likelihood of the seller’s success.


I was on my way to a meeting with a new client, one of my first. When I arrived, I was kept waiting for 5 minutes while a series of staff entered and exited the client’s office. I was then ushered into an office that had various citations on the walls for quality control and many reports were stacked on the client’ desk. She had a very serious demeanor and when I looked around the office for clues as to who this client was, I could not find any personal mementos so I dove into my usual sales pitch regarding our cell phone products. She apologized for starting the meeting late and keeping me waiting. I told her that it was no problem and decided to skip the small talk and get down to describing our products. After listening about 5 minutes and leaning back in her chair, she asked me,

“How would your cell phone products help us to relate to our customers since the majority are senior citizens?”

When I responded, I was not that specific and instead said that our brochure had much of the technical information the client might want. But I quickly added that I would be glad to give her a personalized tour of our plant and that we were always amenable to adapting to the client’s needs. In fact, we had a booth reserved for the upcoming Technology Expo where a select list of guests would be privy to upcoming innovations we were pioneering and we would enjoy entertaining her there as a prospective future client. After all I said leaning forward and giving her my undivided attention, I knew she would want to be kept up to date regarding new developments.

She said she appreciated my suggestion and asked would I add her to the list of guests. Then she expressed a need to attend a department meeting and asked if she might show me out.

I realized that was my cue to depart and I rose quickly in response.


  • Based on the scenario provided, describe the social style of the buyer and the seller. Explain your reasoning.
  • What kind of sales presentation did the sales person make?
  • What could the salesperson have done differently to improve this sales call with the potential client without making the client angry, based on your identified client social style?
  • Provide the pertinent data necessary to answer the client’s question.
  • Analyze how this data will be useful for the client in relating to their customers.
  • Explain the type of communications between the seller and client and present successes and failures of this meeting.

Submit a 500-word Microsoft Word document in APA format with additional title and reference pages to the unit Dropbox.


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