Website Critique Project 6 On Physiqapparel.Com

After  listening to this week’s lecture, continue critiquing the B2C e-retail  web store that you chose last week.  In a paper, using APA format,  address the topics for week 5 listed below.  Remember to save all of  your work as each week builds on the previous week’s work to establish a  complete understanding on the web store critique process.  Utilize the  PowerPoint lecture to assist you with the topics.


Week 6-Layout-svLinks to an external site.

The paper should include:

  • a review of how the web store addresses the topics outlined;
  • your opinion of how well the web store handles the topic areas; and
  • insight on how the web store could be improved in the topic areas.

1.  Compare the visual presentation of the site on a computer to a smart  phone. Is the layout the same? Draw a rough sketch of each and indicate  the area of the page design that is visible without scrolling. (slide 2 & 3)

2. Is the site a rigid design or fluid design? (slide 3-6)

3. Sketch a product webpage,  mark the areas of the page that are content which furthers the purpose  of that webpage. How can the page design me simplified improve the  percentage of content on the webpage. (slide 6 & 7)

4.  Now we will focus on navigational design. Sketch the home page, a  category page, and a product page. Indicate all navigational elements.   Evaluate the design for simplicity, does the design detract from the focus on content purpose? Is the design consistent? Can the customer easily recognize were they are on the site? (slide 10-15)

5. Sketch  each element of the shopping cart through billing. Does the customer  have enough information on each page to make a decision? (for example: Do you feel you know complete costs before you are required to give personal information?) Are you able to navigate easily forward and backward through the cart? Is customer service readily available? (slide 16)

Feel free to include screen shots to illustrate your ideas where  relevant, and be sure to include a link to your site. Your responses  should be written in a narrative style rather than in a numbered list.


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