Enhancing Team And Organizational Performance

During the course project, you have been analyzing teams within an organization (restaurants business) that you chose at the start of the course.

Building on your thorough review of the teams in restaurants, identify 4 to 6 challenges (i.e., problems, weaknesses, gaps, threats, opportunities for improvement, etc.) facing one or more of the teams and organization you have chosen for the final project (I have included a paper on the teams)

Then, based on the knowledge you gained in teams, create a complete action plan to address the challenges you identified. Make sure you include the main concepts of the course (networking, building relationships, designing A TEAM, and dealing with conflict among teams and present your intervention action plan.

Consider the following questions as you are planning to make a sustainable difference in the team and organization:

· What are the challenges that exist?

· What systemic changes are required to make a sustainable difference for addressing those challenges? What benefit would the team/organization realize from the changes?

· How would these systematic changes align with the overall organization design?

· What are some potential consequences or impacts to the people involved? How would you reduce any negative impacts?

· What are the action steps for the change process?

· How would you lead this change process?

· What internal team dynamics would you apply?

Be sure the action plan presents systemic solutions to address the team’s challenges and that your plan is clear, concise, and time bound. Assume you are the person in charge; you have the power to make the changes, or you are making the presentation to the executive board.

Your paper must be 5 in length, not including the title page and reference page and must include at least five scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources


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