The first project report is in the format of a written report. You will conduct and present a report on the international investment environment of a specific industry (i.e. video games, automobile, electronics, etc.) in a specific non-U.S country (i.e. Japan, France, Mexico, etc.)

You represent a consulting group which has been retained by the board of directors of a large, highly diversified multinational corporation headquartered in the U.S.A. The New International Investments Group of this MNC has contracted you to conduct an investment environment analysis in order to identify possible opportunities for a new foreign direct investment (FDI) in a non U.S country. You are to apply the knowledge and research capabilities gained in MGMT650 by analyzing the opportunity/costs of a “real world” international business investment case.

You are to select a specific host country (non-U.S country) and an industry in which a foreign direct investment (FDI) might take place. A foreign direct investment is an investment that gives the investor a controlling interest in a foreign company. You are to analyze the potential opportunities and pitfalls of such an investment and make a final recommendation to the investing MNC’s board of directors.

Selection of an Industry:

You are encouraged to select the industry which is of most interest to you, or the one which most resembles the one in which you plan to begin your career. The industry can be in manufacturing (i.e. electronics, automobile, food and beverage, machinery, materials, software, etc.) or service (hotel, entertainment, retail, etc.) sector. Please make sure the industry you choose can be moved to other countries.

Target Audience:

The report should be directed toward the MNC’s board of directors (BOD). Please keep in mind that board members are extremely busy individuals who are not very willing to have to “dig” for the information. It is your task as consultants to distill the available information and present it in an easily digestible format.


Your case report is expected to be 10 – 15 pages (1″ inch margin, Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12), including all tables, figures and charts (references not included). All team members need to participate and contribute.

Your goal will be to provide the firm with the most relevant factors, so that the firm can make a well-informed international business decision. The following are some of the major categories you want to study and address in your presentation. Note that this is not a comprehensive list. At the same time, you do not have to address each and every one of these factors in your report. It is your responsibility to present the information that is most relevant and helpful to the decision making of the BOD.

Industry (market) analysis

  • Description of the industry
    –major subcategories (sub-industry)
    –the industry’s role in the world economy

— main business (profit) model of the industry

— Major global/local market players (such as buyers, suppliers, competitors, substitutes, etc).

— Major trends and issues associated with the industry (technologies, product life cycle, labor components, global supply chain, etc

Investment environment analysis of the industry in the host country market

  • Host country analysis ( general economic,  social and demographic characteristics)
  • Local market analysis

— market structure (concentration, growth, competition, supporting industries, etc.)

  • Government policies/regulations targeted at the industry
    –policies to encourage FDI,   to protect local firms, or to discriminate against foreign investors, preferential trading provisions
  • Social-culture analysis on the host market
  • Financial market analysis (currency value change, capital market analysis)
  • Infrastructure analysis
    –characteristics of the labor force and work conditions
    –total employment patterns

— other aspects on infrastructure, such as transportation, communication, etc.

Your project report should include at least the following sections:

1. introduction –  a summary of the industry and country you will present and major research questions

2. research questions on specific topics

3. findings and sub-conclusions on above research questions

4. major conclusion and recommendations –  highlighting the most important conclusions you reach based on the second and third sections


1. Please note that the industry analysis and the country analysis should not be completely separate and independent from each other. The discussion of a particular market should be conducted in the context of the general investment environment of this country.

2. Please support your findings and conclusions with evidence drawn from adequate research.

3. Please pay attention to the logic among your data, facts, and your findings and conclusions.


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