Project Manager

Discuss the leader as a project manager in 175 words. What roles and responsibilities might a leader take to properly manage a project?
APA Format.

Respond back in 175 words for each statement:
A leader is an essential part of project management for many reasons. In my experience with working with project managers on projects, some roles a project manager may find themselves in is acting as a liaison between the business and stakeholders and/or subject matter experts to make sure the lines of communication are flowing. Project managers must be organized and have impeccable time management skills when it comes to maintaining documentation (such as a charter) and timelines. They must act as a financial coordinator in regards to the monetary aspect of each project. In the case of the projects I work on, the projects are not funded by the business in that sense but the project manager does have to have a clear picture of what our return on investment (ROI) will be to make sure the project is not a waste of time and money. Even when a project is done the project manager has to go back and in some cases to perform a post-mordem to uncover what went right and areas of opportunity. Then in some cases report on their deliverable. Project managers are basically the glue that holds the project together from start to finish and if done right is the reason that deliverables occur in the time frame communicated within the financial parameters aloted for the project.

A project leader plans your work , they know what need to be done , which staff would be best fit to complete the task . When is the deadline? The project manager overseas to ensure everything is done and efficient to the needs of the company. They are responsible for organizing everything making sure all areas are completed, he/she should be able to give guidance to the team for directions . Assistant with certain skills and tools to use , they are also responsible for making decisions that would benefit the company. Monitoring the project making sure it is going smoothly ,teams are on top of there task . They most keep track of the time frame , how the project is coming along . Make decision if something doesn’t seem correct. Make changes if need to to be . Be able to solve the problem. The most important part of a project manager you need to have communication without this nothing will work . Don’t assume the other person knows what you are thinking , if you see something isn’t correct communicate . As a leader you need to interact with your team .


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