Business Plan

For this course, you will be ‘starting’ a business of your choice In order to determine if a business idea and venture will be viable, a Business Plan is generated. For your semester project, you will be creating a Business Plan for the business that you’ve selected.  As we progress through the semester, each of the chapters and assignments that we cover will directly address the topics in your Business Plan. Your Business Plan can be used to secure financing from investors as well as a management tool for your start up business.  This project is worth 30% of your semester grade and also requires a PowerPoint presentation.  Be sure to have a safe place to store your documents and Business Plan drafts…..such as a USB key, there have been a few upset students that have had computer issues and end up losing all their work!

You will be using the SCORE Business Plan template provided to you.  This template has questions throughout to help you research and cover all the necessary topics in creating a thorough, professional business plan   Depending on the business that you select, you will use at least some of the information and the questions will trigger you to think about areas that you may not have considered otherwise.  Review the documents below, which include all the project requirements and grading criteria.


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