Parenthetical entries

Assignment Prompt

Develop a table of contents outline and Introduction for your selected topic based on your proposal. This TOC will be your guide map to writing your paper. Try to be as detailed as possible. It is acceptable to submit your TOC along with your Introduction and any other components of the paper if you wish to begin writing.

This section introduces your work to the reader. It is job is to answer the following questions that any reader has a right to know about. (Parenthetical entries in capital letters at the end of each question suggest common chapter subheadings under which the questions are often treated):

  • What is the proposed title of your project? (TITLE PAGE)
  • Describe the project you are proposing (THE PROBLEM IN GENERAL)
  • What questions or issues will be answered by your research? List and state them as research questions (IMPORTANCE OF THE PROBLEM)
    • For example, “How can a college or university increase its presence among military members seeking graduate degrees?”
  • Why are you pursuing this project? How will it benefit you? (BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM)
  • How will the project benefit the company you are studying? (STATEMENT OF THE SPECIFIC RESEARCH PROBLEM)
  • How will you gather your information? What sources will you be using to complete your research? (AVAILABILITY OF APPROPRIATE DATA)
  • What skills, knowledge, and classes are important for you to master in order to complete this project?

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