Compare and contrast Chinese, Iranian, and Russian intelligence organizations.

Compare and contrast Chinese, Iranian, and Russian intelligence organizations. Of the three nations, which one do you think poses the greatest threat to U.S. national security?  Be sure to fully support your position using multiples examples from the course readings or your own research.

General Requirements   1. Document Format. a. MS Word document b.  One-inch (1”) margins (double-spaced) c. Times New Roman Font d. Twelve (12) pitch   2. Citation Format: Chicago. All assignments for the School of Security and Global Studies (papers, essays, exams, and Forums) must follow the Chicago citation method. An online copy of may be found at:    3. Graphics are allowed and encouraged (but they don’t count on length).   4. Students must (1) employ imaginative approaches to answer the question being asked; (2) display an impressive command of the subject matter beyond the immediately obvious; (3) demonstrate a high level of critical thinking y reflection current and world views, and genuine intellectual development; and (4) excel in explaining all major points using multiple examples from the course readings or individual research.

Title Page.  (a) Title of the paper (b) Student Name. (c) Course Number. (d) Instructor Name. (e) Date the paper was completed. Length: Minimum of six pages, no more than eight pages (double spaced, not including the title page and Selected Bibliography). Section I: Introduction.  (a) Clearly state the purpose of your paper along with the approach you’ll be taking to answer the question.  Section II: [China, Iran, or Russia].  (a) Identify China, Iran, or Russia as the country posing the greatest threat to U.S. national security. (b) Compare and contrast each of the five intelligence disciplines (HUMINT, MASINT, SIGINT, GEOINT, Cyber) between the three countries, reinforcing your position as to why you selected your particular country.  (c)  Pay close attention to organization of paper. Section III: Conclusion. (a) Succinctly summarize why [China, Iran, or Russia] represents the greatest threat to the US and the potential impact is.  Section IV: Selected Bibliography.  (a) Contains all sources consulted and cited in preparing your paper. At least five sources- more is better though.


Circuit City was an American consumer electronics company founded by Samuel Wurtzel in 1949. By 1990s, Circuit City became the second largest consumer electronics store in the United States with annual sales of $12 billion. On March 8 2009, Circuit City shutdown all its stores.

On January 8th at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Circuit City CEO announced a comeback and relaunch of Circuit City into “a dynamic, a social-focused e-commerce site” and a new business strategy for its retail stores12.In this case study, assume that Circuit City hired you as the new chief information officer (CIO) to help relaunch the company into a global e-commerce multinational company.

Create a Power Point presentation and documentation for this project. Your Power Point Presentation containing the IT strategic plan that will address Circuit City e-commerce initiatives. The following information should be covered in the presentation.

1. History of Circuit City

2. What were the issues and challenges that caused the collapse of Circuit City in 2009?

Power Point Presentation requirements: 

Minimum 15 slides Power Point presentation + (Cover page and references page(s)

Documentation Requirements: 

Provide 8 to 12 pages documentation APA format. Your documentation should include

1. Introduction

2. Background / History of Circuit City

3. Organizational details

4. Issues and challenges that caused the collapse of Circuit City in 2009

5. Possible solution(s)

6. Conclusion

7. References

Intercultural Competence & Social Responsibility Essay

Assignment detailed instructions: Write a three-page (minimum of 750 words) essay addressing the following eight questions. The paper should be in APA format, double spaced, 12 font, and include references/bibliography(MINIMUM 3) on the fourth page.

Write eight paragraphs addressing these eight prompts:

Part 1 Intercultural Competence

1. Identify and describe a specific issue of concern to a specific community for the focus of your essay. Choose from DACA and immigration laws, racism, prochoice/prolife, millennials, rape culture, gender equality, same-sex marriage, marijuana laws, religion in schools, human trafficking, white privilege, police brutality, gun control, or another social justice issue.

2. Define culture and cultural competence and discuss how your own culture has shaped your identity and world view related to the issue you chose.

3. Discuss significant characteristics about another culture and how and why they see this issue perhaps differently than you. (put yourself in their shoes, see it from their perspective)

4. Discuss how you have or how you might adjust your actions and communication style to successfully interact with someone from another culture/viewpoint.

Part 2 Engagement with Communities: Social Responsibility

5. Discuss your civic responsibility related to the issue you chose to write about in this essay.

6. Discuss effective participation in civic engagement activities related to this issue.

7. Describe your understanding of the purpose and benefits of civic engagement.

8. If you have engaged in civic activities related to this issue or another issue of importance to you, describe that experience. What was the purpose? What were the benefits? What did you learn?


Using the feedback you received from your instructor and colleagues over the last few weeks, you will now revise your rough draft into your final research paper. As you revise, feel free to continue to expand your paper by adding additional supporting evidence and analysis where you see a need. Have you incorporated the information related to technology, corrections, and any theories or policies related to the issue you are researching?

Your final draft must be no fewer than 3 pages, not including the reference page. It must be longer and more refined than your Unit 3 Individual Project. This paper must follow APA-style format and include in-text citations and a reference page. Be sure to proofread your final paper and run the spell and grammar checks before submitting.

discriminatory action

Assignment Details

Scenario: Generally, we have considered sexual harassment actions or verbal abuse of women to be done by men. Over the past several decades, the culture of society has evolved. The diversity of sex and gender has erupted from male abuses of females based on their biology. Now, there are gender reassignments which allow for persons with the psychological inclination to be the gender other than what they were born as being possible. Further, there are a number of transgender persons who, while retaining their biological configuration, adopt the psyche and outward appearance through dress and mannerisms of what is considered to be the traditional opposite gender of their physiology.

Recently, a newly assigned outwardly female officer was found out by her teammates in a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit to actually be a biological male. Several of the SWAT team members have come to you as the SWAT Command Leader and have voiced their concern because the transgender officer uses the ladies room, wears makeup, and dresses as a woman in her civilian attire at the end of the shift. The officers making the complaint are claiming that someone with a psychopathological problem should not be in the SWAT unit. You go to the Deputy Chief with their concerns and she tells you to prepare a briefing for the SWAT members concerning the requirements for SWAT team membership and that if an officer makes the grade, he or she has the opportunity to be a SWAT officer.

In a 3–5-page paper, you must explain to the officers, including those who complained as well as those who did not complain, that the department supports the assignment of the new officer and that according to law, she must be accepted as a valid member of the team so long as she is qualified. Further, explain that transphobia is not an acceptable attitude for members of the team and that any discriminatory action on the part of officers concerning the new officer would not be tolerated and would be met with appropriate disciplinary action.

Analyzing And Visualizing Data

Kirk (2016) presents Interactivity includes:

Data Adjustments may include the following but are not limited to the following features:

Framing, Navigating, Animating, Sequencing, Contributing

Presentation Adjustments could be but are not limited to:

Focusing, Annotating, Orienting.

For this discussion, the following must be completed using your own wording. You will need to access the book companion site, for Chapter 7, to access these interactive figures.  If you have not visited the online site yet, it can be found at  Select Chapter 7, then the list of figures, and select the word “Source” to be taken to the source for that figure to be able to interact.

Please use the 26 figures listed in the text (there are 27 listed online), to make your choice of 2 of these for your discussion assignment for this chapter.

Select 2 figures and include the following information in your response.  Do not include any image(s).  Do not include any attachment. 

Your references would be at a minimum, our text, the book companion site and each site for the 2 figures you selected.

Provide the figure number and the title for each of the 2 you selected using the following format- Figure 7.13 OECD Better Life Index.  Again – use the list of figures from the text not the online book companion site.

Include the answers to the following using your own wording:

  • What were the reasons you selected each of the figures from the 26 provided in the text?
  • Did you consider the design of each useful and provide your own definition of “useful”? Why or why not?
  • From a visual accessibility perspective, what were the choices apparently made in the design to meet this requirement? Please ensure you review the definition of accessibility before posting your response.
  • What were your concerns about trustworthiness of the 2 figures you selected?
  • From your perspective, who/what group was the targeted audience for the 2 figures you selected?
  • What modifications/enhancements would you suggest for these 2 figures? Remember there is no such thing as a perfect visual design.