Website Critique Project 6 On Physiqapparel.Com

After  listening to this week’s lecture, continue critiquing the B2C e-retail  web store that you chose last week.  In a paper, using APA format,  address the topics for week 5 listed below.  Remember to save all of  your work as each week builds on the previous week’s work to establish a  complete understanding on the web store critique process.  Utilize the  PowerPoint lecture to assist you with the topics.


Week 6-Layout-svLinks to an external site.

The paper should include:

  • a review of how the web store addresses the topics outlined;
  • your opinion of how well the web store handles the topic areas; and
  • insight on how the web store could be improved in the topic areas.

1.  Compare the visual presentation of the site on a computer to a smart  phone. Is the layout the same? Draw a rough sketch of each and indicate  the area of the page design that is visible without scrolling. (slide 2 & 3)

2. Is the site a rigid design or fluid design? (slide 3-6)

3. Sketch a product webpage,  mark the areas of the page that are content which furthers the purpose  of that webpage. How can the page design me simplified improve the  percentage of content on the webpage. (slide 6 & 7)

4.  Now we will focus on navigational design. Sketch the home page, a  category page, and a product page. Indicate all navigational elements.   Evaluate the design for simplicity, does the design detract from the focus on content purpose? Is the design consistent? Can the customer easily recognize were they are on the site? (slide 10-15)

5. Sketch  each element of the shopping cart through billing. Does the customer  have enough information on each page to make a decision? (for example: Do you feel you know complete costs before you are required to give personal information?) Are you able to navigate easily forward and backward through the cart? Is customer service readily available? (slide 16)

Feel free to include screen shots to illustrate your ideas where  relevant, and be sure to include a link to your site. Your responses  should be written in a narrative style rather than in a numbered list.



Website Critique Project 7

Web site Critique on:


In a paper, using APA format, address the topics for week 7 listed  below.  Remember to save all of your work as each week builds on the  previous week’s work to establish a complete understanding on the web  store critique process.  Utilize the PowerPoint lecture to assist you  with the topics.

Week 7-Security, Accessibilit…Links to an external site.

The paper should include:

  • a review of how the web store addresses the topics outlined;
  • your opinion of how well the web store handles the topic areas; and
  • insight on how the web store could be improved in the topic areas.

1. Create a list of 12 specific search terms from content nodes of the website you are critiquing. Grade their SEO by finding their search engine ranking for each search term.  (slide 2)

2 Turn off images in your browser then try to navigate the webpage. How do you grade the site accessibility? What are the challenges you faced? Were all links still readable? Did all images have meaningful descriptions? (slide 4)

How to turn off images:

3 How many seconds does the homepage and products pages take to download? How long on a smart phone? Grade each (side 9,10)

4 Grade the Typography for usability using a five (5) point scale for each element. Size, Color, Contract, Screen Spread, Scanablitlity, whitespace, bold & italics, print-out (slide 5-8;12)

5 Grade Customer orientation using a five (5) point scale for each element. Page Titles, bread crumbs, global navigation bar, redundancy, home page link, access to site map. (slide 11)

Sexual Assult Crisis Chat Campaign

Sexual Assult Crisis Chat Campaign (Powerpoint Presentation)

The attached file is my campaign if you can make a professional presentable Powerpoint slides of the information. It contains 10 parts.

Please have each part short and to the point to present and contains images and the survey graphs. This will be presented in class.

1. executive summary

2. situation analysis

3. marketing recommendations

4. advertising recommendations

5.public relations & other marketing communications

6. media recommendations

7. evolution

8. budget

9. conclusions

10. appendices

Marketing Plan Outline:


The student will write a 8 page paper using the following outline. The student should choose a product, service, or business to market in a country other than the United States or Canada.

I. Title Page

II. Company’s mission statementand a short profileof the company.

III. Country selected

a.  Brief discussion of country’s relevant historical developments

b.  The National Business Environment

i.  People – language(s), culture, religion, work ethic, population, population growth rate, age structure, ethnic makeup, education attainment and literacy, urban/rural composition, family structure, differences between roles of men and women, education levels, etc.

ii.  Government – type, head of state, government bureaucracy, political stability, economic freedom, legal system / regulations, openness to FDI, currency, fiscal and monetary policies, financial stability, social security, healthcare, etc.

iii.  Geography – type of surface areas, major bodies of water, major cities, climate, etc.

c.  Market and Size Potential

i.  Economy – GDP, GDP per capita (PPP), poverty, size of labor force, inflation rate, currency exchange rates, unemployment rate, major imports/exports, distribution of wealth, principal industries, ratio of private to public industrial ownership, trade restrictions,

ii.  Infrastructure – roads/highways, airports, railways, ports, housing available, channels of distribution, etc.

iii.  Media & Technology – radio, TV, computer, mobile phone, land-line phone ownership; internet users; types of media available (TV, cable, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, etc.)

d. Competitive Environment

i.  Focus on the firm’s three major, direct competitors in the country.  Discuss how your firm would be positioned relative to its competitors and if there are any competition concerns.

IV. Entry Mode Selection

a.  Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each entry mode and how that relates to the various features of the country you have chosen.

V. Target Market – begin the market analysis with a description of the target market for the firm within the new country.  If this market differs greatly from the firm’s existing market, explain how the firm will change its marketing strategy to meet the needs of this new market.

i.  Focus on the target market’s needs and benefits of the firm’s products that meet these needs.

VI. Any critical external environment issues not covered in the country selection discussion

VII. Marketing Objectives

a.  Examples of “vague” marketing objectives (what NOT to do):

i. Satisfy customers

ii.  Be located in the right place

iii. Make sure production meets demand

b.  Examples of “actionable” marketing objectives (what TO DO):

i. Earn a 10% ROI by the second year of operations

ii. Increase market share from 16% to 18% by the end of fiscal year 2009

iii. Improve the firm’s reputation within the company by increasing local charity spending by 50% over the next three years.

X.  Marketing Strategies to reach Marketing Objectives

a.  Product strategies

i.  How innovative is the product?

ii.  Product adaptations.

iii.  Compare it to competitors’ products.

b.  Pricing strategies

i.  Customary markups.

ii.  Types of discounts available.

iii.  Compare to competitors’ prices.

c. Promotion strategies

i.  Media used to reach the target market.

ii.  Sales promotion used.

iii.  Value of personal selling.

iv.  Compare it to competitors’ promotion.

d. Distribution strategies

i.  Port selection.

ii.  Mode of transportation selection.

iii.  Packaging.

iv.  Documentation needed.

v.  Typical retail outlets.

vi.  Product sales by middlemen.

vii.  Compare it to competitors’ distribution.

XI.  Final Recommendations


As the readings point out, celebrities love to get involved in campaigns about the environment or other social issues.  Discuss an example of an organization or company that partners with a celebrity for public relations.  Describe how the person is involved and give examples of some public relations techniques involved.

Sales Plan Territory Design and Sales Forecasting


The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this Assignment:

GEL-2.01: Communicate the impact of mathematical results in a discipline specific situation.

MT455-2: Evaluate sales management and leadership practices.

This week you will continue working on phase four of the Final Project. Use the template provided. Last week, you defined the company’s organizational structure; you included an organizational chart and determined whether the organization was structured by product, geography, or customer. You also discussed whether the company used their own sales force or if they outsource the sales force through the use of agents.

You will now determine the size of the sales force, identify sales territories, and determine the most appropriate sales forecasting method. Evaluate the organization’s territory design. Is the company using the most optimal territory design? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the primary sales forecasting methods. What might be the consequences if forecasts are not met? Be sure to review concepts covered in Chapter 2 of Cron and DeCarlo (2009) for guidance.

Please remember that you will need to use research to support your project. Please stay away from Wikipedia and other non-academic sources and instead use credible company sponsored websites or peer-reviewed sources provided by the Library. Your company’s strategy should be 2–3 pages (a minimum of 500 words) in length and must include an additional reference list. Citations and references must follow APA guidelines.

Note: Please use the Assignment template provided and 12-point Times Roman font.

Access the Unit 5 Assignment grading rubric

Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox.

communication style

Write a five page paper (cover page, at least three full pages of content, and a reference page).  You will identify your communication style, conflict style, and which type of power you use the most.  Then, you will find at least five academic resources about communication, conflict, and/or power and write a paper about how you will utilize that theory as a leader.  You can find academic resources in journal articles, newspaper articles, trade journals, and books.  You should cite a minimum of five APA references (both on a reference page and in text) in this assignment and your paper must be written in proper APA format.