Website Critique Project 7

Web site Critique on:


In a paper, using APA format, address the topics for week 7 listed  below.  Remember to save all of your work as each week builds on the  previous week’s work to establish a complete understanding on the web  store critique process.  Utilize the PowerPoint lecture to assist you  with the topics.

Week 7-Security, Accessibilit…Links to an external site.

The paper should include:

  • a review of how the web store addresses the topics outlined;
  • your opinion of how well the web store handles the topic areas; and
  • insight on how the web store could be improved in the topic areas.

1. Create a list of 12 specific search terms from content nodes of the website you are critiquing. Grade their SEO by finding their search engine ranking for each search term.  (slide 2)

2 Turn off images in your browser then try to navigate the webpage. How do you grade the site accessibility? What are the challenges you faced? Were all links still readable? Did all images have meaningful descriptions? (slide 4)

How to turn off images:

3 How many seconds does the homepage and products pages take to download? How long on a smart phone? Grade each (side 9,10)

4 Grade the Typography for usability using a five (5) point scale for each element. Size, Color, Contract, Screen Spread, Scanablitlity, whitespace, bold & italics, print-out (slide 5-8;12)

5 Grade Customer orientation using a five (5) point scale for each element. Page Titles, bread crumbs, global navigation bar, redundancy, home page link, access to site map. (slide 11)


data breach

Find an article regarding a recent data breach. In APA format write a 1 to 2 page paper on the incident.  Be sure to

  • Find out about the company such as how long have they been in business?
  • Did they have an incident response plan or team?
  • What was the outcome?
  • Who was affected?
  • What would you have done?
  • Be sure to properly cite your references both in text and at the end.

Hard Rock Café’s Global Strategy

Read about the Hard Rock Café’s Global Strategy  You can also read more about its strategy on pages 55–56 in your textbook. Once you have read the case study, answer the questions below.

Case Study Questions

  1. Identify the strategic changes that have taken place at Hard Rock Cafe since its founding in 1971.
  2. As Hard Rock Cafe has changed its strategy, how has its responses to some the 10 decisions of OM changed?

Hard Rock brings the concept of the “experience economy” to its cafe operation. The strategy incorporates a unique “experience” into its operations. This innovation is somewhat akin to mass customization in manufacturing. At Hard Rock, the experience concept is to provide not only a custom meal from the menu but a dining event that includes a unique visual and sound experience not duplicated anywhere else in the world. This strategy is succeeding. Other theme restaurants have come and gone while Hard Rock continues to grow. As Professor C. Markides of the London Business School says, “The trick is not to play the game better than the competition, but to develop and play an altogether different game.”* At Hard Rock, the different game is the experience game.

* Constantinos Markides, “Strategic Innovation,” MIT Sloan Management Review 38, no. 3: 9.

From the opening of its first cafe in London in 1971, during the British rock music explosion, Hard Rock has been serving food and rock music with equal enthusiasm. Hard Rock Cafe has 40 U.S. locations, about a dozen in Europe, and the remainder scattered throughout the world, from Bangkok and Beijing to Beirut. New construction, leases, and investment in remodeling are long term; so a global strategy means special consideration of political risk, currency risk, and social norms in a context of a brand fit. Although Hard Rock is one of the most recognized brands in the world, this does not mean its cafe is a natural everywhere. Special consideration must be given to the supply chain for the restaurant and its accompanying retail store. About 48% of a typical cafe’s sales are from merchandise.

The Hard Rock Cafe business model is well defined, but because of various risk factors and differences in business practices and employment law, Hard Rock elects to franchise about half of its cafes. Social norms and preferences often suggest some tweaking of menus for local taste. For instance, Hard Rock focuses less on hamburgers and beef and more on fish and lobster in its British cafes.

Because 70% of Hard Rock’s guests are tourists, recent years have found it expanding to “destination” cities. While this has been a winning strategy for decades, allowing the firm to grow from one London cafe to 145 facilities in 60 countries, it has made Hard Rock susceptible to economic fluctuations that hit the tourist business hardest. So Hard Rock is signing a long-term lease for a new location in Nottingham, England, to join recently opened cafes in Manchester and Birmingham—cities that are not standard tourist destinations. At the same time, menus are being upgraded. Hopefully, repeat business from locals in these cities will smooth demand and make Hard Rock less dependent on tourists.

All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.

  • Introduction
  • Problem identification
  • Analysis (pros and cons)
  • Solution choice and rationale
  • Conclusion


Answer two of the following questions (three paragraphs per question). Compose your paper in MS Word.

  • How does the World Health Organization define “health,” and what challenges does the definition present?
  • What are the goals of public health practice?
  • What are the benefits and harms of population screening?
  • What ethical considerations should be taken into account in priority setting?
  • How should the release of information about disease outbreaks be managed?

network topology redesign

Three interns are discussing the enterprise headquarters offices and the network topology redesign. The headquarters consists of three large buildings separated by a centralized parking lot and a fourth administrative building down the street. The three buildings are interconnected by switches and routers and the fourth admin building via a site-to-site VPN through a business broadband. The admin building has a wireless access point as part of its network. One intern insists that the headquarters buildings consist of a large LAN, the second that it is a MAN, and the third that it is a WAN.

Let’s assign roles again based on your birth month: (June)

  • May-August:  MAN network

Discuss the customer’s network security design with your team. Title your thread with the network you were assigned.

  • Make your argument for the network topology assigned to you and then propose the most appropriate encryption solution(s).
  • What is your topology rationale in terms of the network that you were assigned?
  • Explain how in the headquarters network configuration you could employ IPSEC and WPA2 protocols.

Make sure to support your thoughts with resources, citing them in APA style. When responding to others, choose someone who has a different network assignment.  Compare and contrast your ideas with theirs. Make sure to go back into your own thread and respond to those that replied to you.