Security & Online Businesses

Students will select an article from their independent readings, which must be recent. The article must be scholarly and relate to selling on the web. It must help in answering the following questions and include an INTRODUCTION and well written CONCLUSION.

•Security issues facing online business(E.g. credit card fraud, privacy, malware).

•What risks or issues do companies face when selling directly to the customer instead of using a third-party?

Do not copy any portion of the article; discuss the article in your own terms, paraphrasing instead of quoting directly. The summary must relate the significance of the article to the questions.

Even though the word “summary” is part of this assignment, it is really much more than that. Yes, you should summarize your chosen article succinctly. However, you need to expand far beyond that by synthesizing the article through incorporating your own insight and including illustrative examples, ideally ones that relate to your own professional experiences.

Minimum 900 words, at least 2 APA scholarly sources(One must be the article you are summarizing)

Project Week 1

For these project assignments throughout the course you will need to reference the data in the ROI Excel spreadheet. Download it here.

In this data set – the ROI data set – for 2 different majors (Business and Engineering), you are given a sample of the 20 best colleges according to ROI (ROI = Return on Investment) and their ‘School Type’, ‘Cost’, ’30-Year ROI’, and ‘Annual % ROI’.

  1. Explain the concept of ROI.  Why is ROI important to people?
  2. For each of the 2 majors create a pie chart using the column ‘School Type’.
  3. For each of the 2 majors create a frequency distribution table  and a histogram using the column ‘Annual % ROI’.  Group with starting at 6% (0.06), ending at 11% (0.11), and go by 0.5% (0.005). Make sure that no two ranges overlap.
  4. Make sure that all graphs and charts have labels on each axis.  Make sure pie graphs  have a key so that we know what each section represents. For the histograms, you could title your charts “Histogram Business Major: Annual % ROI” for Business majors and “Histogram Engineering Major: Annual % ROI” for Engineering Majors.
  5. The final project for this course has you giving advice to someone who does not know which is the better ROI – business or engineering. Each week, we will examine the data in this same spreadsheet from a different angle.  Look at the graphs that you have constructed.  In an area that is highlighted in yellow, interpret these graphs.  What is the data telling you about ROI and each major?  What conclusions can you draw from these charts. Be as specific as possible.  Your final project for this course puts each week’s “main ideas” together to form one massive project.  Your specificity now will save you time during Week 8.

Week 2 Writing Assignment

 Week 2 Writing Assignment

After completing your reading, search the Internet for any article related to a current issue or trend about Youth Sports. Submit a 1 to 2-page abstract/critique including proper APA format, on the article.

  •  The abstract will be at least one page, but not to exceed two pages double-spaced using 12 font size/Times New Roman font. The abstract will involve a summary of the article’s point and how it relates to chapter reading for this week’s Hall lecture.
  • i. Emphasis on the major theme(s) of the article should be given.
    ii. An explanation of the evidence and facts supporting the author’s main points should be listed.
    iii. If one quotes or paraphrases the author’s work, credit must be given to that author through proper APA formatting. No plagiarism.
    iv. Include your name, course number/title, date, and name of the abstract on a separate cover page when submitting this assignment.
  •  The critique should include your critical views about the subject matter and how you would deal with the current issue or trend in youth sports if you were in the role as an administrator with decision making abilities from a Christian perspective

Strategic Planning And Financial Planning

Prior to completing this discussion, read Chapter 13 from your course text.  Select a health care organization and answer the following questions as they relate to your selected organization:

  • What is your understanding of strategic planning and financial planning?
  • What if financial planning is not aligned with strategic planning? What are the consequences?

Foundation Of Law And Ethics

Answer the following questions:  Answer should be 150 words, not more or less.

1. Legal Sanctions

(a)Why are legal sanctions important in a property-based legal system?

(b)What is the difference between a sanction and a remedy?

2.  As a business management executive, how can you foster productivity and profitability by managing the company’s exposure to risk and liability? (150 words}

3.   Compare America’s courts with other courts.  What types of court systems do other countries use?  Compare and contrast citizen rights and access to the courts.  {150 words}

4.  What issues must you “anticipate” in your company’s business?   What clauses does your business consider “a must” before a contract can be reached?{150 words}

5.  U.S constitution supreme law of the land:

a.  What provisions of the Constitution are important to you? Why? {150 words}

b.  What provisions of the Constitution are important for U.S. business? Why? {150 words}

c.  What provisions of the Constitution apply to your business or a company that you know? How so?{150 words}

6.  why is commercial speech limited?  Please describe some of the types of speech analyzed by Cheeseman? {150 words}