21st Century teaching

Give your personal definition of 21st Century teaching in a 2-3 page APA style paper (template attached).

Focus on topics such as the role of technology in teaching, what technologies do you plan to use as a teacher, and how will students use technology as learners. Don’t forget to give a variety of concrete examples.  Use the following questions to guide your writing:

  • What role does technology play in the lives of students and teachers?
  • What issues shape the way technology is used in today’s classroom?
  • How are teachers addressing technology standards and skills in today’s classroom?
  • How will I teach for the 21st century learner?

powerpoint presentation

Create a powerpoint presentation

  • Demonstrate a workplace situation in which the clients’ or  customers’ needs were not met because of miscommunication due to  cultural issues.
  • Demonstrate how the situation could have been handled in a culturally competent manner.
  • Demonstrate the miscommunication between two different cultures.
  • Your creation should be a role-playing situation rather than telling about it . . . enact the scenario.
  • Include a written script when you submit the multimedia link or file to your instructor.

Week 7 Research Proposal

Each student will be required to complete the term project, which is a research proposal written in an APA Style. The project should have at least 1000-words of substance not counting the cover and reference page. Please include a Cover Page, an abstract and a list of references. The research proposal you write in this course will NOT be sent to the IRB for approval. This is because you will not be conducting actual research for the purposes of this class. You will however gain an insight as to how to write a research proposal.

Each student will be required to complete a research proposal, as the term project. The research proposal will include the following:

• Title page

• Abstract (100-120 words)

• Introduction

• Hypothesis/Problem Statement/Purpose Statement

• Literature Review and Definitions included in research

• Research methods/design

• References

• Appendices – as needed (annotated bibliography, example consent form, example survey if used)

The research proposal (Term Project) must be in a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the student’s folder through the assignment section. Students will be required to use at least five scholarly references in their work.

Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines.

The research proposal (Term Project) must be in a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the student’s folder through the assignment section. Students will be required to use at least three scholarly references in their work.

Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines.

Please make sure that you are using the course-writing rubric to use as a checklist so that you write a solid paper.

Students must use a topic, which was approved by the instructor or their research proposal.

Do not include quotes in your work. The student needs to display good critical thinking skills and not a string of quotes written by published authors. Your proposal is what is needed for a successful research project to be conducted in the future.

Do not wait to the last minute to research, write, format, and edit. Proper time management is required to turn in a quality research proposal that highlights your understanding of how to conduct scholarly research.

Your Term Project must be submitted by the end of week 7. No late submissions will be accepted past the official end of the semester.

In a seamless posting, please incorporate the following questions into your initial postings:

Discuss descriptive and inferential statistics in a quantitative study and why in a qualitative study this is not an issue. Also, discuss what a consumer of research should know about (p values) pertaining to quantitative research finding.

Student expectations for Forum questions:

Your initial Forum posts require a minimum of a 500 word substantive response.


(1) Thomas Carter and Jonathan Marc Feldman created a powerful image of Jazz Music and Swing Dancing in 1930’s Germany.  After watching the Film Swing Kids what and why do you think the Swingjugend gravitated to a style of Music that was, mostly foreign to their culture and awareness?

(2) Why did Thomas Carter, the Director, choose to associate the French Jazz/Swing Artist Jean “Django” Reinhardt, with the crippled character, Arvid, portrayed by Frank Whaley? What, if any, are the ramifications of this pairing between Django and Arvid? Finally, what other historical act did Carter link to the character Arvid in the closing moments of the film?

(3) If you read the references given above, you will realize that both Carter and Feldman amalgamated the history and time-stamps of the Swingjugend in Germany during the late 1930s and 40s.  As cinematographers, do you think they had the right to change history for the sake of telling a good story?


: There is generally no grace period for discussion board. Discussion board is our learning forum for each of the learning modules. We learn from each other. You cannot afford to get behind in readings and discussion, because before you know it, we would have already moved on to new learning module topics.   Reminder: refer to all Discussion Board Guidelines, and REFER TO YOUR SOURCES WHEN MAKING CLAIMS! THIS IS KEY!  How to Cite Sources from the Reilly Textbook?

Initial Discussion Post

Alliance cartoon.gif

TASK: Carefully analyze the secondary source “Europe’s Last Summer” by David Fromkin Preview the document(remember: the lesson content page WWI: Causes (Background)WWI: Causes (Background) provide good background knowledge for the Fromkin essay) by answering the questions that are visible in lavender chart below.  Write an analytic summary using the questions below.  No Q & A.

How to cite this source?

1David Fromkin, “Europe’s Last Summer” in Worlds of History: A Comparative Reader Volume II since 1400, ed. Kevin Reilly (New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, 2013), xx.


1. The main purpose of this article is ____________________________.

2. The key question that the author is addressing is ____________________.

3. The most important evidence in this article is ______________________.  (include 3-5 pieces of evidence used by the author to support their conclusions/argument)

4. The key concept(s) we need to understand in this article is/are ____________.  (Concepts are organizing ideas used in reasoning and explanation. So, what are the key ideas expressed in this article?)  These can be a single word or a short phrase (Examples: freedom, oppression, violence, rights, cult of true womanhood).

5. The main conclusions in this article are _________________________.  (Author’s thesis statement)

6. The main assumptions underlying author’s thinking is/are _______________________.

7. What are the consequences of this author’s line of reasoning?

8. The main point(s) of view presented in this article is/are _______________.

Assignment 1: Case Study Analysis

By the due date assigned, post your response to this assignment as a one-page Word document to this Discussion Area. Make use of the knowledge that you have gained from this module’s activities and your discussions with your peers, to support your views, observations, and findings that you present in your assignment.

Through the end of the module, respond to at least two of your peers’ entries and provide constructive feedback to their postings.

Locate and read the following article from the Argosy University online library:

Essex, N. (2005). What’s Age Got to Do with It?. American School Board Journal, 192(3), 22-24. Retrieved from Education Research Complete database.

Conduct further research in the Argosy University online library and on the Internet to gather more information about the cases of Michael D. Potence and Eugene Eggleston and their implications on school administration and policies. Support your response with adequate citations from the textbook and relevant Web sites. Submit your response in the Case Analysis Rubric.

  • Should age be a selection criterion for recruiting teachers?
  • What are the pros and cons of recruiting younger teachers?

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsAnalyzed the case study and its implications on school administration and policies.8Analyzed whether age should be a selection criterion for recruiting teachers.8Identified the pros and cons of recruiting younger teachers.8Reviewed at least two peer postings and provided constructive feedback.8Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.8Total:40