Unit 1 Ip Law

Public organizations can be categorized into two basic categories: open and closed models of organization. Compose descriptions of two fictional public organizations that are structured around one being open and the other being closed. Briefly describe what services, goods, or activities each organization provides. Then, compare the two organizations in terms of any similarities and differences based upon their open or closed organizational structure.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 750–1,000 words:
    • Create and describe two fictional public organizations.
      • One organization should be structured around the closed organizational model, while the second should be structured around the open organizational model.
    • For each of the two fictional organizations:
      • What services, goods, or activities does the organization provide? Explain.
    • Specifically, in terms of organizational structure, how are the two organizations different? Explain in detail.
    • Specifically, in terms of organizational structure, how are the two organizations similar? Explain in detail.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

CA408 Criminal Justice Research Methods             

Required Text     Leedy, P. D., & Ormond, J. E. (2016). Practical research: Planning and design (11th ed.). Boston, MA:Pearson.       ISBN: 9780133741322

Questionnaires  Write a 750 word essay on constructing and administrating a questionnaire and its practical application in descriptive research. Include your opinion, backed by scholarly articles, about the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of research.

In your essay, utilize at least FOUR scholarly research articles.

They are…… EBSCO Host Link     Criminal Justice Collection     IEEE Explore Link     Format


•Use Times New Roman script with a font size of 12 for the entire document.


•The paper should be double-spaced.

•Margins should be at least one inch all around.  Content

•At least FOUR scholarly sources are utilized. Information is synthesized throughout the essay.

•The essay has a strong introduction, main body, and conclusion.  Documentation

•APA style guidelines should be used, including proper in-text citations and a reference page.

Writing •The essay should be well written and error free. Use spell check and proofread your essay for grammatical errors.

•The essay should be written in a professional tone. Familiar language (slang) should be avoided.

•Use direct quotations sparingly (paraphrasing is encouraged) and make sure quotes are properly documented.

•Be as concise and clear as possible throughout your paper.

•Each sentence should logically flow into the next sentence and each paragraph should transition smoothly to the next paragraph.

Legal 500

  • 1. In today’s economy, there are a wide number of powerful companies who from all appearances control massive segments of different markets. Using the Internet, identify one (1) example within the last 2 years of a large company that has (or might be) engaged in anticompetitive behavior. Next, suggest three (3) ways that this behavior could be viewed as either a horizontal or vertical restraint of trade per the chapter reading.  Be sure to explain these theories of trade in your answer and provide support for your response.
  • 2. In your response to another student, take a contrary view and discuss why you believe the behavior identified could be deemed as notbeing a restraint of trade. Justify your response.

Law/Business Torts

Purpose of Assignment

You may be familiar with personal torts such as negligence; however, business torts are different as they are being committed not against the person but rather against its intangible assets. Think about what this means and how each aspect of your work might result in a business tort being committed.

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Legal Environment of Business: Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and Global Issues:  Ch. 5, Ch. 6 and Ch. 7; Legal Source database located in the Week 3 Electronic Reserve ReadingsÂ

Scenario: In the midst of the ongoing rhetoric and movement to achieve Tort Reform, business tort liability must be acknowledged and planned for as a reality. As the manager of legal risk and corporate governance for a major multi-national pharmaceutical corporation, the board of directors has commissioned you to work alongside your CEO and General Counsel to prepare a report regarding this liability and the exposure it creates for the organization.Â

Create a maximum 1,050-word report, excluding title and reference pages.Â

Address the following in the report:

  • Evaluate the impact of business tort liability on the pharmaceutical industry in general.
  • Determine the growth of business tort liability in the pharmaceutical industry and discuss where and why tort reform is needed.
  • Assess the impact of business tort liability on corporate liability under the Alien Tort Statute.
  • Explain how business tort liability can be reduced through the implementation of the risk management process.
  • Analyze how business tort liability can escalate to criminal liability.

Cite a minimum of two references for the five content areas taken from a business or legal resource. One reference must be from the University Library. 

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines


A death notification must be made before the media is notified that a death has occurred. For example, suppose there was an automobile accident; the victim was taken to the hospital, and on the way to the hospital, the victim dies. No one in the media is notified about the condition of the victim until a death notification has been made to the immediate family.

  • Discuss the purpose of the death notification.
  • Give a rationale for why the immediate family is notified before the media.
  • Is a death notification for a police officer different than it is for a civilian? Do you agree or disagree that this should be the case?

modus operandi (MO).

When you look at television shows and read books, you might often encounter the term modus operandi (MO). This means a method of operating, functioning, or working. When crimes are committed, a perpetrator has an MO. In a 3–5-page paper, discuss in detail the following:

  • What is the difference between an MO and a signature?
  • Describe the background of each. For example, what are the driving forces or reasons behind a criminal’s MO and signature?
  • Give an example of both an MO and signature. You may use an actual case, or you may explain the difference with a fictional example.
  • Avoid using fictional depictions in movies, books, and television as bases for your research on this topic.
  • Cite any sources using APA style.

Assignment 2: Criminal Defenses And Criminal Punishments

It is common knowledge that two controversial issues in the American legal system are the types of criminal defenses and the manner of criminal punishment. In this assignment, you will explore both in their various forms.  Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research the types of criminal defenses and the manner of criminal punishment.  Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: 1.Specify the key points involved in the court determining the lawfulness of the use of force. Next, evaluate the level of objectivity inherent in each point that you have specified. 2.Determine the fundamental difference between the castle doctrine and stand your ground types of criminal defenses. Justify the validity of each, and provide one (1) example of each to support your response. 3.Analyze the overall role that double jeopardy clause plays within the trial system. Next, evaluate the general level of fairness of double jeopardy to the defense. Provide a rationale to support your response. 4.Specify the basic features of adversarial system. Next, support or critique the value of the adversarial system within the criminal law system in the United States. Justify your response. 5.Argue for or against the right to a speedy trial, as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Provide a rationale to support your response. 6.Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar type Websites do not qualify as academic resources.  Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: •Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. •Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.  The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: •Describe the nature and history of American criminal law. •Explain the role of individuals and federal, state, and local government agencies in crime fighting and prosecution of criminal offenses. •Analyze the essential legal elements of criminal conduct. •Contrast crimes against persons, crimes against property, and other types of criminal conduct. •Use technology and information resources to research issues in criminal law. •Write clearly and concisely about criminal law using proper writing mechanics.