Article Review


Select a relevant topic pertaining to Operations Management or Supply Chain. Find a related article, preferably written in the past 2 years. Submit a 1-2-page, double-spaced write-up. Your write-up should provide a brief description of the articles but should also include you own insights as well.

Used standard 1” margins, 12-point font, no citation formatting required—keep it simple. I recommend you break the write-up into sections (introduction, body, conclusion), or something similar. I will mark off for excessive grammar or spelling errors.

Possible Points to Address:

· Why did you choose this topic?

· Why is this topic important?

· How does it relate to our OSCM class?


The principal characteristic of an “A” paper is its rich content. The writer sustains a thoughtful, analytic argument, looking at ideas from more than one point of view, asking difficult questions and following them up with analysis.


The “B” paper is significantly more than competent. It delivers substantial information—substantial in both quality and interest. The paper might tackle a significant contradiction, problem, or moment of connection in the article and develop it in a sustained way.


The “C” paper is competent: it meets the assignment, has few mechanical errors, and is reasonably well organized and developed.  C papers demonstrate your ability to work with the article and to create meaningful connections between the article and our OSCM course.



Assignment Instructions

This week you will be completing an article review. An article review provides an analysis of a scholarly publication. The review should describe the item’s content and argument(s) and discuss its strengths and weaknesses as well as the accuracies and inaccuracies of the article. A person who has not read (or seen) the item should be able to decide from what you have written whether or not he/she wants to read the article.



The article is to be a minimum of 800 words and written using proper 6th ed. APA style for in text citations and references and should include a title page. Article reviews contain other academic references used for fact checking. A minimum of 3 additional references should be used to support your review. You may paraphrase the article but no direct quotes are allowed.

Example of an article review



The article you review should cover a Forensic Discipline and should be from a scholarly journal or publication such as:

� American Journal of Criminal Justice

� FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

� Forensic Examiner

� Journal of Forensic Identification

� Journal of Forensic Sciences

� Law & Order

� Narcotics Enforcement & Prevention Digest


*Must select one of the articles listed above*

Article Review

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to read an article about a current security threat (or attack) while also

examining how security measures impact the customer experience. Within the online library, locate an article that

describes a recent security threat (or attack) on an e-commerce site. Choose a threat or attack that occurred within the

last 10 years. Read the article, and then draft a two-page paper to address each of the following:

 Briefly describe the threat (or attack).

 Briefly describe the type of e-commerce.

BBA 3331, Introduction to E-commerce 4

 Could the threat have been prevented by utilizing the steps of the security life cycle model? Why, or why not?

 Does the e-commerce sacrifice any form of customer service by implementing security measures? Explain.

 Visit the e-commerce site for a brief moment. As a consumer, did you feel that your information and/or any

exchange of funds would be secure? Explain your initial impression.

Use APA style to format the paper. All source material must be referenced (paraphrased and quoted material must have

accompanying citations). For some guidance toward preparing your article review, click here to access a video with

helpful tips.