Capsim Core “Competition” Round 5


In this Learning Activity, you will complete Round 5 of “Competition” in the Capsim Core simulation. Follow these steps in the Unit 9 Learning Activity Instructions to complete the “Competition” rounds. Complete the tasks and submit to the Unit 9 Learning Activity dropbox:

Step 1: Log into the Capsim Core simulation by clicking on the “” link on the “Course Resources” page. Click on the “MT460MCO Management Policy and Strategy- COMP” link.”. Complete Round 5 in the “Competition” version of the Capsim Core simulation.

Step 2: Create a new PowerPoint presentation file with 5 slides, including a title slide.

Step 3: Execute Round 5 of “Competition” in the Capsim Core simulation. Upon completion, take a screenshot of the Proforma page of Round 5. Insert the screenshot onto slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation. Click on the “Reports” link on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the simulation page. Click on the “Report” link, and the “Capsim Core Round 5 report” will open in a new screen. On the upper right hand side of the screen, click on the “PDF Version” link. It will generate a .PDF file in your browser. Save the .PDF file to your computer.

Step 4. On slides 3 through 5 of your PowerPoint presentation, verbally discuss and debrief your management team on the performance figures from the Round 5 Proforma and Capsim Core Competition Round 5 Reports. Elaborate on the successes and failures of each department in detail and give strategic direction to each department manager.

Step 6. Submit your PowerPoint Presentation, the “Competition” Round 5 Capsim Core Report .PDF file to the Unit 9 Assignment 2 Dropbox.