Jidoka (Autonomation) Research Paper

Research Paper about  Jidoka (Autonomation) which is a tool of lean manufacture

write a 20 page paper

The structure of the paper may include the following:

  • Abstract (no longer than 300 words)

It should be at located at the beginning on a separate page. It should sum up the paper and contain the following: background information about the Jidoka tool, the purpose of the paper, main findings/the key points of the analysis, the highlights of the main conclusions, and the highlights of the recommendations.

  • Introduction (1 – 2 pages maximum)

Provide background information about the subject and significance of the research

Body of your paper (use headings and subheadings as many as needed)

  • Conclusions

States only the main conclusions of the newly acquired knowledge


  • References

Cite all the references used.  References must be from peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals, books, and reliable online sources. A minimum of 10 scholarly resources is required.


The paper should be  typed in a 12 point font, one-inch margins, and double space