MGMT Paper – Leadership Development MOD 5

Written assignment MUST be a minimum of 500 words. Use headings to separate topics/questions. Use Font: Times New Roman, Spacing: before & after 0 point; Line spacing: multiple 1.15:


Exercise Overview

Leaders in organizations have a diversity of backgrounds, including educational expe riences, work experiences, training, personality, and other differences. Not one path is identical from one leader to the next. This exercise involves having a conversation with someone who you admire as a leader and bringing the information from your conversa tion to class in order to compare similarities and differences.

Identify and approach a leader who you would like to learn more about. Think about who you would consider a ‘leader’. Leaders are not necessarily in formal managerial roles in an organization and come from a variety of workplaces and contexts. A leader, for example, can be a parent, a teacher, the dining hall supervisor, a security guard on campus, a coach, or a student club or association leader. Request a 15-minute conversation and ask the following:

1. What experiences shaped you as a leader?

2. Where did you learn the most about leadership?

3. How do leaders use negotiation skills? What other skills do you think are important?

4. What experiences, specialized training, or education would you still like to participate in? Why?

5. What other information do you wish I had asked you about?