Marketing For Competitveness Assignment 2

For this Assignment, use  any outside appropriate resources to prepare a competitive analysis for an existing product and complete the following:

Imagine that you are asked to provide a presentation on an organization’s competitive advantage to the organization’s board. To choose an organization, you may select your own or one with which you are familiar.

Submit a PowerPoint presentation (9 slides excluding title and reference slides, consistent with APA guidelines) that examines the competitive advantage of your chosen organization. Include the following:

  • Describe the target market and apparent marketing mix of your chosen organization.
  • Conduct a five forces analysis for the selected organization.
  • Choose a competitor for the selected organization and conduct a five forces analysis for the chosen competitor.
  • Finally, evaluate which of the two organizations has the competitive advantage using your five forces analyses. Be sure to identify any leverage or advantages that your organization has in relation to the chosen competitor. Use facts from the two analyses to support your conclusion.

Be sure to use the Notes view in PowerPoint to provide your analysis, assessment, evidence, or examples relevant to each slide.

Assignment 1: Discussion Questions—International Business Decision Making

The various factors impacting international business may be brought together into a process for evaluating international business opportunities. Choosing the right mode of entry is the next step.

Research evaluation of business opportunities and modes of entry using your textbook,  University online library resources, and the Internet. Respond to the following:

  • Explain how a business can assess international business opportunities giving examples. Do you think the size of the company matters in assessing an international business opportunity? Give reasons for your answer.
  • In your opinion, what would be the single most effective way for a potential international business to gain entry into an international market? What are the apparent risks of the mode of entry you recommend? For at least one other mode of entry, explain why it would be less effective compared to the one you chose.

Write your response in 400 words or less. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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Assignment 2: Presentation—Starting an International Business

Business decisions are not made on a hunch or some vague idea of a good place to do business. Professionals assess business opportunities and modes of entry to choose the best alternative.

Research the topic using your textbook,  University online library resources, and the Internet. Based on your research, develop a presentation. Your role is of an educational specialist in international business and your audience is a group of middle managers.

Discuss the following in your presentation:

  • Steps to analyzing international business opportunities with specifics of what is involved in each step
  • Alternative methods for gaining entry into an international business opportunity or market

Submit your work in a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation. Use the speaker notes area to write the information supporting the slides. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

PowerPoint presentation

Final Presentation Project Instructions

The purpose of the Presentation Project is twofold: (1) to develop a firm stand on content presented in a case you select and support by a demonstrated understanding of the course principles related to your assumed role in the respective case; and, (2) to demonstrate your ability to compose and deliver an oral message with clear and purposeful content, effectively organized. You will be responsible for recording a video lecture and a corresponding PowerPoint presentation. The video lecture must be uploaded to YouTube, and the PowerPoint presentation must be submitted through the assignment link. You will utilize these categories:

1. Introduction

2. Identification of your selected position/role in your selected case, and an overview of your main points in the presentation.

3. Description of the overall case content and main points in the selected case.

4. Description of your position on the issues and why.

5. Ensure you address the specific nature of the question assigned to the position selected for the case you have chosen.

6. Provide research that supports the position you have taken.

7. A selected plan of action related to your position, if you should be successful in gaining the outcomes you seek.

8. Conclusion

9. References in current APA format

This project must draw from the course text and at least 6 scholarly journal articles. These must be cited in a reference slide at the conclusion of your PowerPoint, which does not count in your total.

Chapter 9 in the textbook contains 10 cases. Each of the cases provides an opportunity for you to assume the various roles in the organization or union leadership that would normally be involved in the scenarios/negotiations presented in the case. Although each case has 3 questions asking you to assume various roles—the allowable question/roles for each case are identified below:

Case 2: Question #2 – HR Manager

PowerPoint presentation

prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the next Teacher In-Service Training day that discusses the following issues:

  • What are the priorities for changing what is taught (subject matter) in this policy?
  • Does the emphasis in this policy seem to be on programs or people? Explain.
  • What is the role of the community, state, and federal government in ensuring accountability?
  • What is the possible impact of not making the identified changes?
  • What does this policy state needs to be done to support teachers and learners in the classroom?

Give your conclusions and recommendations about the best course of action for improving curriculum.

powerpoint presentation

Create a powerpoint presentation

  • Demonstrate a workplace situation in which the clients’ or  customers’ needs were not met because of miscommunication due to  cultural issues.
  • Demonstrate how the situation could have been handled in a culturally competent manner.
  • Demonstrate the miscommunication between two different cultures.
  • Your creation should be a role-playing situation rather than telling about it . . . enact the scenario.
  • Include a written script when you submit the multimedia link or file to your instructor.


Identify a specific  health technology that has been used within the last 10    years. Then, create a  PowerPoint presentation that includes the background,   the  financial implications, the ethical concerns (e.g., equality, equity), and   the  meaningful use of the health technology. Additionally, explain the impact   that  the health technology has had on the healthcare industry.

Your presentation  should be a minimum of 15 slides, not counting the title    and reference slides.  You must use a minimum of five resources, including your    textbook. All sources  used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted  material   must have accompanying  citations. All references and citations must  be   formatted using APA  style.


Morrison, E. E., & Furlong, B. (Eds.). (2014). Health care ethics: Critical issues for the 21st century (3rd Ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Powerpoint Presentation

For this Assignment, you are to generate a 5 to 8 PowerPoint slide presentation that addresses the following topics:

  1. Address at least one common ethical obligation or issue facing psychologists in each of the following areas.
    • Law enforcement
    • Corrections
    • Courts System
    • Academia
  2. Explain how each ethical obligation is overcome and/or mitigated by psychologists by providing specific examples of policies, programs, laws, or regulations that are in place in each area of focus.