Public Relations

Blogger Outreach:

In addition to the news media, identifying and reaching out to influential bloggers is a great way to help promote your organization. The goal of an effective blogger outreach campaign is to understand the target audience you are attempting to reach and then reaching out to bloggers who can help you do this.

For this assignment, you will attempt to find a blogger who can help you to promote Rock Pic School.


Research and identify at least three bloggers who could be influential in helping promote Rock Pic School. In your discussion, do the following:

  • Identify three blogs to reach out to, including links to contact.
  • Explain why each blog is a good one for Rock Pic to appear on.
  • Describe at least one outreach tactic for each blog or blogger.


  • Write the descriptions and analysis in 300 words.
  • Use proper MLA formatting

public relations


1. The company has expanded their brand awareness through good public relations and customer care services where they allow local schools to visit.

2. The company has also expanded their distribution network by setting up the local stands in the local markets.

3. The company has increased business to business sales by including local stores.

4. The company has increased the sales volume by selling using honey jars and individual honey sticks, thus being pocket friendly to their customers.

5. The company has shown after sales services by virtue of explaining how machine works and showing how the honey combs looks like in between steps.

This business has been a family ran since 1971. Tate’s Honey Farm sells multiple sizes of honey jars, and even sell individual honey sticks. They have been going and setting up a stand in the local farmer markets, and the interstate fair when it comes to town every year. During the Interstate fair THF doesn’t just try to sell honey and gain new customers but also try to teach people about the importance of bees not only when it comes to honey but in all parts of life, and the significance of how bees work together in the hive. The  owner Jerry allows for local schools to come and take tours of his honey farm and explains to them how everything works and what each machine does. Some of the time they can even see what they honey combs look like in between each step. This business works with the community, by selling locally sourced honey and teaching the community about bees and the wonders that they do.

implementation timetable

Rols. Juest need 5 points for implementation timetable

the company about honey. You can read up there a little about the company.