Part 1: Attempts at Censorship of reading materials


After clicking on the link to the American Library Association, take a look at the ALA’s list of the “Top Ten Banned Books” that various groups have attempted to have removed from public or school libraries during recent years.
The ALA and various civil rights groups (like the American Civil Liberties Union – ACLU) have gone to court to keep these books available to the public, and have usually won!   Do you think that one group of people should be able to keep others from having free access to all books or expressions of thought, based on whether the content is offensive to them?

Part 2:  view Youtube Video and comment

We know that Police Officers have a difficult job – because they have several duties to the public.  A big part of their responsibility is to help the public when we are in trouble.  So, they need to be part rescuers, and part counselors!  However, they are also responsible for enforcing the laws that have been passed.  Generally they do a good job with these duties (the exceptions are well publicized in the press, of course!).


Please take a look at the following two YouTube videos (they are each about 20-25 minutes long), with the premise that people should never talk to the police!  The first is by Professor Duane of the Regence Law School in Virginia.  (By the way, Regence identifies itself as a “Christian university” – which is relevant only because Prof. Duane makes a comment during his presentation.)

The second video is a presentation by long-time Detective George Bruch (who just happened to be a third-year law student (“3L”) in Professor Duane’s class).

Then, please share your view of this topic may have changed (or not)  after viewing these videos.