Website Critique Project 5

The paper should include:

  • A review of how the website addresses the topics outlined in the Website Critique assignment link;
  • Your opinion of how well the website handles the topic areas; and
  • Insight on how the website could be improved in the topic areas.

Feel free to include screen shots to  illustrate your ideas where relevant, and be sure to include a link to  your site. Your responses should be written in a narrative style rather  than in a numbered list.


Web Store Analysis and Site Map

After  listening to this week’s lecture, continue critiquing the B2C e-retail  web store that you chose last week.  In a paper, using APA format,  address the topics for week 5 listed below.  Remember to save all of  your work as each week builds on the previous week’s work to establish a  complete understanding on the web store critique process.  Utilize the  PowerPoint lecture to assist you with the topics.

The paper should include:

  • a review of how the web store addresses the topics outlined;
  • your opinion of how well the web store handles the topic areas; and
  • insight on how the web store could be improved in the topic areas.
  • Break down pages into nodes.
  • Which organizational structure did they employ?
  • What other organizational structure would have worked with this content?
  • Which organizational structure would you have chosen?